SELECT® Eco-Label Manager | Strategically Managing Eco-Labels and Product Sustainability
 Welcome to the SELECT® Eco-Label Manager database
BASF’s Sustainability, Eco-Labeling & Environmental Certification Tracking Eco-Label Manager was developed to help BASF and our external stakeholders strategically manage the abundance of eco-labels, environmental claims, product directories and green ratings systems.
SELECT® Eco-Label Manager helps navigate the confusion
This comprehensive database includes detailed program information and functionality which will help users:
  • View the requirements of programs in a structured format;
  • Compare programs and program specifications; and
  • Assess their products against program requirements
SELECT® Eco-Label Manager encourages a collaborative environment
Maintaining accurate and current information is critical for making informed decisions. To ensure this, we have established relationships with many program owners. BASF believes that this is a win-win collaboration, as it supports the comprehensive representation of programs in the SELECT® Eco-Label Manager which will be used globally by our businesses and customers. We want to continue establishing these collaborations and look forward to building relationships with additional program owners.

If you are a program owner and you are interested in collaborating with BASF, please contact us
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